“Royal Terns”

By Marty Shubert
Oil on Canvas, 11″ x 14″

These terns caught my attention while fishing on the North Carolina Outer Banks island of Ocracoke. I will apologize up front if I have misidentified these terns. I found it difficult to determine which species I was observing. I found that their snow-white breasts, orange beaks, black caps, and bluish primary feathers made a striking combination of repeated motif with variations to play with in their poses. This was a fun study of the tern. The original painting is 11” x 14”.

This open edition fine art Giclee print had been produced from the artist’s original oil painting and the proofs and techniques in the production of the print has been personally approved by the artist.

This painting is available for purchase. Please contact the artist.

marty shubert

Marty Shubert is a Tall Timbers, MD-based artist. His work is inspired by his passion for the Chesapeake Bay and the outdoors.

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