By Marty Shubert
Oil on Canvas, 12″ x 16″

This painting was commissioned by a neighbor and friend who trains working dogs in her retirement. She has become known as the “dog whisperer” of our little village on the water. Her own dog, Pie, is a beautiful German Shephard with an incredible disposition. Pie is great with all the other dogs and I think helps train them through example and gentle dominance. This was my first attempt at an oil painting of a furred animal and was somewhat daunting, so I took my time and practiced painting fur. This was a great challenge for the use of glazes but I love the results.

This painting is in private collection.

marty shubert

Marty Shubert is a Tall Timbers, MD-based artist. His work is inspired by his passion for the Chesapeake Bay and the outdoors.

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