“Osprey with Rockfish”

By Marty Shubert
Oil on Canvas, 24″ x 36″

This painting illustrates the tremendous dimension of the osprey’s wings. For their small body, the Osprey has a significant wingspan, which is arguably needed to lift not only its own wet weight out of the water but also that of its prey. In painting this work I benefited greatly from an image captured by UK photographer Paul Hobson. His wildlife photography is worth investigating ( The original painting was a gift to a very good friend and is not available for sale. I chose to depict the prey as a rockfish (striped bass) as this is representative of what our opreys look like in fishing out our backdoor here on the lower Potomac River in Maryland. The original painting is 24” x 36”.

This open edition fine art Giclee print had been produced from the artist’s original oil painting and the proofs and techniques in the production of the print has been personally approved by the artist.

The original painting is in private collection.

marty shubert

Marty Shubert is a Tall Timbers, MD-based artist. His work is inspired by his passion for the Chesapeake Bay and the outdoors.

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