By Marty Shubert
Oil on Canvas, 9″ x 12″

The male blue crab is known by the waterman as a Jimmy. The Jimmy has the bluish color on the tip of the claws as well as the other parts of the legs, for which the blue crab is known for. The #1 Jimmy typically has a darker, older looking shell and sometimes has what looks like rust on the bottom of the shell, indicating that it has been some time since he has shed his shell. For this reason, the number one Jimmy crabs are the most sought after crabs since they are known to be the meatiest. These crabs are a symbol to me of the bounty of the summer months. The #1 Jimmy in this picture was in fact deposited from my crab pot on the dock just this summer in preparation for a family crab feast.

This original painting is not available for sale.

marty shubert

Marty Shubert is a Tall Timbers, MD-based artist. His work is inspired by his passion for the Chesapeake Bay and the outdoors.

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