“Atlantic Permit”

By Marty Shubert
Prints from original Oil on Canvas, 18″ x 24″

The Atlantic Permit is one of the most sought after fish by saltwater fly-fishermen, but it doesn’t come easy. I prefer to quote Thomas McGuane when I talk about this fish. “What is most emphatic in angling is made so by the long silences-the unproductive periods. For ardent fisherman, progress is toward the kinds of fishing that are never productive in the sense of the blood riots of the hunting-and-fishing periodicals. Their illusions of continuous action evoke for him, finally, a condition of utter, mortuary boredom… No form of fishing offers more elaborate silences as fly-fishing for permit.” Enough said. I owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Jonathan Olch, author of “A passion for Permit” for his invaluable contributions in providing underwater pictures of this elusive fish along with review of my drafts for anatomical detail.

This open edition fine art Giclee print had been produced from the artist’s original oil painting and the proofs and techniques in the production of the print has been personally approved by the artist.

Half of the artist’s proceeds to benefit Turnefffe Atoll Trust.

marty shubert

Marty Shubert is a Tall Timbers, MD-based artist. His work is inspired by his passion for the Chesapeake Bay and the outdoors.

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